The Smith - Pope Reunion
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Marie Pope & Family
Genealogy from the 2006 files of E. Jerome Niebaum

    MINNIE MARIE POPE (THEODORE GRANT2, THOMAS JEFFERSON1) was born 04 Aug 1903, and died 04 Mar 2005.  She married PAUL HAIN. 

Children of MINNIE POPE and PAUL HAIN are:

                   i.    PAUL ED HAIN, b. Abt. 1934; d. Abt. 1934.

                  ii.    JESSIE HAIN.

                 iii.    PAULENE HAIN.

                 iv.    LORENE HAIN.

                  v.    DARLENE HAIN.

Minnie Marie Pope

Photo contributed by Charlotte Pope Baker

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