Descendants of Joseph Grant Smith


1.  Joseph Grant Smith, b. 2-Mar-1863 in Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa,[i],[ii],[iii],[iv] (son of Benjamin Franklin Smith and Weltha Ann Dana) d. 12 May 1935 in Caldwell, Sumner Co., Kansas,2,[v],4 buried in Perth Cemetery, Perth, Kansas,[vi],5 occupation Farmer,[vii] description NIckname - Duddie.5  Joseph bought land from his parents, Benjamin and Weltha Ann Smith April 27, 1883 in Sumner County, Kansas.  It was the South West Quarter (S.W. 1/4) of Section No. Two (2) in Township N; Thirty-four (34) South and in Range N. Three (3) West.  The purchase price was one thousand dollars.  This same land was homesteaded by his brother, Truman April 21, 1879 for two hundred dollars.

     Joseph and his family were in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma arriving there in May, 1890.

     Joseph died in an automobile accident on Mother's Day, 1935 at age 72 at an intersection 2 miles north of Corbin, Kansas. He married 22-Jan-1884 in Caldwell, Sumner Co., Kansas,6,2,[viii] Susan Martha Pope, b. 3-Mar-1867 in Gentry Co., Missouri,2,4 d. 19 Sep 1956 in Corbin, Kansas,2,5 buried 21 Sep 1956 in Perth Cemetery, Perth, Kansas,5 description NIckname - Sudie,5 resided June, 1956 in Corbin, Kansas.[ix]  Susan: Susan, husband, Joesph Grant Smith and three children arrived in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma in May 1890.


            2.       i.     Charles Benjamin Franklin Smith b. 29-Dec-1884.

            3.       ii.    Mary Ethel June Smith b. 9-Jun-1887.

            4.       iii.    Martha Elsie Jane Smith b. 26-Oct-1889.

            5.       iv.   Nettie Eska Josephine Smith b. 18-Jun-1893.

            6.       v.    James Albert Grant Smith b. 25-Mar-1896.

            7.       vi.   Myrtle Effie Pearl Smith b. 12-Apr-1898.

            8.       vii.   Edith Rosie Etta Smith b. 25-Jan-1901.

            9.       viii.  Grace Esther Theota Smith b. 7-Apr-1906.

            10.     ix.   Finace Everta Joy Smith b. 30-May-1909.


Second Generation


2.  Charles Benjamin Franklin Smith, b. 29-Dec-1884 in Caldwell, Kansas,1,[x],4 d. 1-Mar-1963 in Wellington, Kansas,2,10 buried in Bethany Cemetery, Perth, Kansas,2 resided June 1956 in Mayfield, Kansas.9  Charles and his parents arrived in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma in May 1890. He married 17-Mar-1907,2 Ida Belle Lance, b. 12 Jul 1880 in Ashland, Missouri,5,[xi] d. 8 Apr 1963 in Wellington, Kansas,5 buried in Bethany Cemetery, Perth, Kansas.5


            11.     i.     Edra Beatrice Smith b. 6 Dec 1910.

            12.     ii.    Gerald Smith b. 27 Feb 1913.

            13.     iii.    Reeford Smith b. 4 Feb 1918.


3.  Mary Ethel June Smith, b. 9-Jun-1887 in Caldwell, Kansas,2,10,4 d. 23-Apr-1971 in Wichita, Kansas,2 buried in Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma,2 resided June 1956 in El Reno, Oklahoma.9  Mary, her parents and siblings, Charles and Elsie arrived in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma in May 1890.

     According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Samuel and Mary Ethel farmed in 1910 in Union Township, Grady Co., Oklahoma, close to Silas A. and Katie Smith.  Living on their farm in Union Township in 1920 were Samuel's parents.  They lived in El Reno, Oklahoma, for many years after 1940. She married 29-Jul-1909,2 Samuel Franklin Choice, b. 1877 in Missouri,[xii] (son of William Franklin Choice and Z. A. (     ) Choice) d. 1944,12 buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma,12 resided 1897 in Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma.[xiii]


                      i.     Wayne Franklin Choice, b. 6-Aug-1910,12 d. 23-Aug-1910,12 buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma.12

                      ii.    James Choice, b. 1911 in Oklahoma.11

                      iii.    Levi Choice, b. 3 Sep 1912,2,1 d. 17 Dec 1933.2,1

            14.     iv.   Rua Samuel Choice b. 25 Jan 1914.

            15.     v.    Lawrence Merle Choice b. 14 Jun 1918.

            16.     vi.   William Herchal Choice b. 4-Oct-1921.

            17.     vii.   Jesse Columbus Choice b. 13-Apr-1924.

                      viii.  Vera Fern Choice, b. 19 Oct 1927,2,1 d. 11 Mar 1991 in Clearwater, Kansas.5  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Vera lived with her mother for many years.  She married relatively late in life, later divorced, and never remarried.  She died before 2006.


4.  Martha Elsie Jane Smith, b. 26-Oct-1889 in Trindad, Colorado,2,10,4 d. 23-Dec-1965 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 resided June 1956 in Ringling, Oklahoma.9  Martha, her parents and siblings, Charles and Mary arrived in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma in May 1890.

     According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Martha was a musician and leader of several Oklahoma Ciity orchestras.  She also played for the city's first radio station and musically backed Rudolph Valentino when he appeared in Oklahoma City.

     According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, William and Elsie lived in 1930 in 4th Ward, Oklahoma City, where William was a gang foreman of an oil field crew.  Elsie's Robertson children were with her.

     Elsie received a social security # in Arkansas before 1951. She married (1) 14-Mar-1909,2 Gem Tom Robertson, b. 26 Dec 1884 in Texas.11  Gem: According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Gem and Martha were living in Durant, Bryan Co., Oklahoma, in 1918, when Gem registered for the World War I draft.  He listed himself as a painter and listed his wife, Elsie as his nearest relative.  They were in Ward 3, Oklahoma City, in 1920, where Gem's name was written (in error) as Gene F. Robertson. She married (2) about 1921-22,11 William E. Parks, b. possibly 16 June 190 in prob Township 4, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.11  She married (3)2 Melvin Stamps, b. abt 1896.5

                             Children by Gem Tom Robertson:

                      i.     Harold Grant Robertson, b. 1910-11 in Marlow, Stephens Co.,  Oklahoma,2,11 d. 12 Oct 1968 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2,5 buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, prob Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Harold went to Oklahoma City about 1920.  He played bass and guitar with the Jack Teagarden Orchestra and was leader of his own srchestra, which played at the Rainbow Room.  He was a member of local 375 of the Musicians Union and had become a sign painter in the years before he died.

                      ii.    Valeska/Vlaska I Robertson, b. 1912-13 in Oklahoma.11

                      iii.    Ralph G. Robertson, b. 1916-17 in Oklahoma.11

                      iv.   Wanda L. Robertson, b. early 1920 in Oklahoma.11


5.  Nettie Eska Josephine Smith, b. 18-Jun-1893 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma Territory,2,9,4,5 d. 7-Aug-1956 in Wichita, Kansas,2,9 buried 10 Aug 1956 in Syracuse, Kansas,2,9 resided 1929 in Syracuse, Kansas,2 occupation 1929 built and managed Sundown Camp.2  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Nettie and Claude lived for many years in Syracuse, Hamilton Co., Kansas, where they ran an "automobile camp" in 1930 and where they are remembered as owning and managing a motel. She married 21-Aug-1919 in Wellington, Kansas,2 Claude Wesley Wormington, b. June 1891 in Kansas,5 resided 1929 in Syracuse, Kansas,2 occupation 1929 built and managed the Sundown Camp,2 d. about 7 Jul 1957.5,11  Claude: According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Claude's obituary appeared in the Wichita, Kansas Eagle/Beacon.


            18.     i.     May Nadein Wormington b. 29 May 1927.

                      ii.    Opal Maude Wormington, b. October 1929 in Syracuse, Hamilton Co., Kansas,5 resided June 1956 in Liberal, Kansas.9  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Opal and Day divorced and she kept her married name.  In 2001, Opal Day lived in Mercedes, Texas.  She was still living circa 2005. She married5 divorced5 (     ) Day.


6.  James Albert Grant Smith, b. 25-Mar-1896 in Caldwell, Kansas,2,4 d. 7-Jan-1979 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 occupation retired homebuilder,2 military World War I Army veteran,2 buried in Chapel Hill Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 resided June 1956 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.9  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Albert and Imo lived with Albert's parents, Joseph and Susan Smith, in Chikaskia Township, Sumner Co., Kansas, in 1920, where Albert helped with the wheat farm.  In 1930, "Albert E. Smith," age 34, was living with his family in Highland Township, Morris Co., Kansas, where Albert was a mechanic working with farm implements.  Albert lived most of his life in the Oklahoma City area. He married (1) 11-Aug-1915 in Gainsville, Cooke Co., Texas,2 Imo Young, b. 22 Feb 1900 in Kansas,2,11 d. Abt 1940 in Oklahoma.2  He married (2)2 Alma Leah Marshall, b. 27-Dec-1908 in Waveland, Arkansas.2

                             Children by Imo Young:

            19.     i.     Keith Rueben Estephan Smith b. 10-Aug-1916.

            20.     ii.    Leveta Marie Smith b. 28-Jun-1918.

            21.     iii.    Geneta Arlene Smith b. 9-Jun-1921.

            22.     iv.   Bertie Lee Smith b. 1-Jun-1922.

            23.     v.    Karl Eugene Smith b. 20-Aug-1925.

            24.     vi.   Kenneth Ferguson Smith b. 18-Oct-1927.

            25.     vii.   Kermit Wesley Smith b. 4-May-1931.

                      viii.  Inajune Smith, b. 24-Apr-1937 in Prague, Oklahoma.2  She married 24-Jun-1956 in Canton, Kansas,2 Frank Peplinski.

                             Children by Alma Leah Marshall:

            26.     ix.   Albert E. Smith Jr b. 14-Oct-1945.

            27.     x.    Jerry Wayne Smith b. 25-Nov-1947.

            28.     xi.   Daniel Joseph Smith b. 12-Dec-1949.

                      xii.   Johnnie Glen Smith, b. 8-Jul-1951 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  He married (1) Abt December 1974,2 Deborah Lynn Mitchell.  He married (2)2 Gerell Dean Maxwell.


7.  Myrtle Effie Pearl Smith, b. 12-Apr-1898 in Caldwell, Kansas,2,4 d. 13 Nov 1985 in Wichita, Kansas,2,5 resided June 1956 in Wichita, Kansas.9  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Myrtle and Lloyd were said to be distant relatives, possibly second cousins.  They had a general farm in Falls Township, Sumner Co., Kansas, in 1920.  In 1930, Lloyd was a Methodist minister in Dexter Township, Cowley Co., Kansas.  They moved from town to town as Lloyd was assigned by the Methodist Church.  He was an eloquent preacher until his job as Associate minister at First Methodist Church in Wichita was cut short by a stroke that left him with a stammered speech.  In the mid-1940', he and Myrtle spent a year at missionary work in Cuba. She married (1) 4 Oct 1916,2 Lloyd Orcenith Smith, b. 13-Jul-1897 in Kansas,[xiv] d. March 1971 in Wichita, Kansas.14  She married (2)2 Earl Martinie, b. 5 Apr 1899,5 d. 19 Apr 1978 in Wichita, Kansas.5

                             Children by Lloyd Orcenith Smith:

            29.     i.     Orcenith S. Smith b. 29-Jun-1917.

            30.     ii.    Theota Arlene Smith b. 10 May 1922.

            31.     iii.    Everta Joy Smith b. 26 May 1924.


8.  Edith Rosie Etta Smith, b. 25-Jan-1901 in Corbin, Kansas,2,4,5 d. 4-Jun-1986 in Clearwater, Kansas,2,5 resided June, 1956 in Clearwater, Kansas.9  According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Edith and Horatio had a grain farm in Downs Township, Sumner Co., Kansas, next to Sherman A. and Dora L. Smith.   Alan also suggests that Edith married a third time but his name is unknown. She married (1) Lewis Clifford McDonald, b. 1901,5 d. 1980.5  She married (2) 2-Feb-1918,2 Horatio Vandiver Hardin, b. 20 Oct 1898 in Illinois,1,[xv],11,5 d. February 1971 in Riverdale or Wellington, Sumner Co., Kansas,15,11 resided last residence in Wellington, Sumner Co., Kansas.15  Horatio:. She married (3) 4 Oct 1937,2,1 Benjamin Franklin Manela, b. possibly 20 Jul 1898.11

                             Children by Horatio Vandiver Hardin:

                      i.     Bonnie Ruth Hardin, b. 23 Nov 1927 in Kansas.1,11  She married 31 Jul 1946,1 divorced5 Dwight Robert Johnson, b. 3 Jul 1923.1

                             Children by Benjamin Franklin Manela:

                      ii.    Ardith Lavonne Manela, b. 12 Jul 1938.1  She married Unknown Carroll.


9.  Grace Esther Theota Smith, b. 7-Apr-1906 in Minco, Oklahoma Territory,2,5,4 d. 12 Oct 1977 in Caldwell, Kansas,2,5 buried in Corzine Cemetery, Corbin, Sumner Co., Kansas,11 resided June 1956 in Corbin, Kansas.9  According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Grace and Herman moved to Wichita, Kansas in 1942, where Herman worked for Beech Aircraft building military airplanes.  They moved to the village of Corbin in 1943. She married 9-Sep-1926 in Newton, Kansas,2 Herman Niebaum, b. 28 Jan 1902 in Grant Co., Oklahoma Territory,2,5 d. 5-May-1991 in Caldwell, Kansas,2 buried in Corzine Cemetery, Corbin, Sumner Co., Kansas.11


            32.     i.     Esther Joann Niebaum b. 19-Jun-1927.

            33.     ii.    Eldon Jerome Niebaum b. 11-Sep-1939.


10.  Finace Everta Joy Smith, b. 30-May-1909 in Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma,2,5,4 d. 29-Aug-1987 in Wichita, Kansas,2,5 resided June 1956 in Corbin, Kansas.9  According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Grace Esther Smith Niebaum gave this couple the family farm near Corbin, Kansas.  In 1930, Ralph had a grain farm in Downs Township, Sumner Co., Kansas.  They lived at Corbin, where their children went to school.  They moved to North Dakota about 1948-49, where they lived for a time.  Later they operated Corbin Hardware store in Corbin, Kansas. She married 23-Sep-1926,2 Ralph Leroy Watts, b. 12 May 1902 in Enid, Oklahoma Territory,11,5 d. 2 Nov 1974 in Wellington, Sumner Co., Kansas.11,5


            34.     i.     Archie LaGrant Watts b. 2 Nov 1927.

                      ii.    Wallace Wynant Watts, b. 11 Oct 1929 in Kansas,1,11 cause of death 1946 being struck and killed as he crossed the street after a movie in Caldwell, Kansas,1 d. 26 Jan 1946 in Caldwell, Kansas.5

                      iii.    Jan LaRue Watts, b. 9 Jan 1941 in Caldwell, Kansas,1,11,5 never married5. According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, LaRue moved from Corbin, Kansas, to New York City and lived there until 2001.  He is (in 2005) retired, living in Naples, Florida.


Third Generation


11.  Edra Beatrice Smith, b. 6 Dec 1910 in Minco, Oklahoma,[xvi] d. 5 Aug 2005 in Wellington, Kansas,16 buried in Corzine Cemetery, Corbin, Kansas.16  She married 28 Nov 1930 in Wellington, Kansas,16 Lorane Milton Watts, b. 24 Jan 1911 in Enid, Oklahoma,1,16 d. 17 Apr 1972 in Corbin, Kansas,16 buried in Corzine Cemetery, Corbin, Kansas.16


            35.     i.     Elvin Richard Watts b. 12 Jun 1931.

            36.     ii.    Marvin Roy Watts b. 31 Mar 1933.

            37.     iii.    Marion Lee Watts b. 30 Dec 1936.

            38.     iv.   Arnold Glen Watts b. 3 Sep 1939.


12.  Gerald Smith, b. 27 Feb 1913 in Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma.1,16  He married 18 Aug 1935 in Seneca, Missouri,1,16 Lola Fondtella Carter, b. 12 Aug 1912 in Turkeyford, Oklahoma,16 d. 14 Dec 2004 in Derby, Kansas,16 buried in Derby, Kansas.16


            39.     i.     Cleeta Lethine or Electa Smith b. 5 Aug 1936.

                      ii.    Duane LeRoy Smith, b. 31 Mar 1939.1,16  He married in Miami, Oklahoma,16 Linda Pagels, b. 22 Sep 1949.16

            40.     iii.    Peggy Ann Smith b. 14 Jun 1941/6 Mar 19.

                      iv.   Sheran Kay Smith, b. 1 Nov 1943 in Wellington, Kansas.1,16  She married 16 May 1970,16 John W. Faris.


13.  Reeford Smith, b. 4 Feb 1918 in Oklahoma,1,11 d. 27 Jul 1987 in Tijuana, Mexico,16 buried in Mulvane, Kansas.16  Debbie Rains shared that her father's name was spelled Reeford but sometime after 1947 he dropped one e and spelled it Reford from then on. He married (1)1 Hattie Milton.  He married (2) 28 Aug 1952 in Wichita, Kansas,16 Charlene Elizabeth Schindel, b. 28 Aug 1928 in Herington, Kansas.16

                             Children by Charlene Elizabeth Schindel:

            41.     i.     Deborah Sue Smith b. 6 Jun 1952.

            42.     ii.    Marcia Eileen Smith b. 30 Jul 1954.

            43.     iii.    Terrance Lee Smith b. 2 Oct 1959.


14.  Rua Samuel Choice, b. 25 Jan 1914,2,1 d. February 1978 in El Reno, Oklahoma,2,5 buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Minco, Oklahoma.2  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Rua was a retired El Reno, Oklahoma firefighter and housing contractor and a member of the First Baptist Church of El Reno, when he died in 1978.  Services were at Wilson Funeral Home in El Reno with burial in Evergreen Cemetery at Minco, Oklahoma.

       According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, his first name was pronounced "Rooee."  Rua loved electronics and was a ham radio operator in the 1940's.  He built his own TV set in the late 1940s.  His last residence was El Reno, Canadian Co., Oklahoma. He married 25 Jan 1934,1 Marvis L. Gentry, b. 14 Nov 1915,11 d. 11 Aug 1999 in Norman, Oklahoma.11,5  Marvis: According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner,  Marvis's last residence was in Norman, Cleveland Co., Oklahoma.


                      i.     Donald Joe Choice, b. 21 Nov 1936,1 resided circa 2004 in San Diego, California.11

                      ii.    Patty Jean Choice, b. 20 Oct 1937.1


15.  Lawrence Merle Choice, b. 14 Jun 1918,2,[xvii] d. 31 Jan 1998,17 resided last residence in Burns Flat, Washita, Oklahoma.  According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Lawrence lived in Madill, Oklahoma, in 1994.  Lawrence's last residence was Burns Flat, Washita Co., Oklahoma, where he lived 1993-97. He married 20 Jun 1941,1 Nadine Mayfield.


            44.     i.     Lawrence E. Choice b. 15 Jan 1945.

                      ii.    Anita Choice, b. 16 Jun 1948.1


16.  William Herchal Choice, b. 4-Oct-1921,12 d. 25-Nov-1943 Ft. Worth, Texas,12,2 buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma.12  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" William was a test pilot for B-24s and was 22 when his plane crashed at Ft. Worth, Texas in November, 1943 and he died with his five comrades. He married 21 Jul 1940,1 Loraine Jones.


                      i.     Herchal Choice Jr, b. 22 May 1942.1


17.  Jesse Columbus Choice, b. 13-Apr-1924 in Oklahoma,14 d. 24-Sep-1984.14  According to Florence Lee, Jesse  enlisted in Barber Co., Kansas in February, 1943.  He served in the Army during World War II under General George S. Patton.  He was taken prisoner by the Germans at the Battle of the Bulge, spending three nights in a boxcar so crowded there was barely standing room.  He lost 52 pounds in three monts because he was given nothing to eat or drink.  He went through so much torture, diestress and privation that it was two years before he could work and he was disabled for all but office work.  He later became vice president of the Bank of Union City and vice president of the First National Bank of El Reno, Oklahoma.  He was a member of the Church of Christ in Minco, the Amity club and the VFW Post in El Reno.  He was also president of the Union City, Oklahoma Kiwansis Club. He married 8 Aug 1945,1 Beatrice Scott.


                      i.     Annette Choice, b. 26 Feb 1950.1


18.  May Nadein Wormington, b. 29 May 1927 in Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma,2,11 d. 11 Oct 2001 in La Junta, Colorado,[xviii] buried 16 Oct 2001 in Fairview Cemetery, La Junta, Colorado,18 resided June 1956 in Syracuse, Kansas.9  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, May and Leroy lived in La Junta, Otero Co., Colorado, and in Mercedes, Hidalgo Co., Texas. She married July, 1945 in Garden City, Kansas,2 Leroy Everett Schindler, b. 18 Nov 1927,11 occupation retired city manager.2


            45.     i.     David (Dusty) Schindler b. 26 Dec 1946.

            46.     ii.    Claudia Ann Schindler b. 27 Nov 1952.

                      iii.    Carrie Lyn Schindler, b. 11 Feb 1956,5,11 resided October, 2001 in La Junta, Otero Co., Colorado.18  She married18 Gary L. Cutrell, b. 10 Jul 1953.11


19.  Keith Rueben Estephan Smith, b. 10-Aug-1916 in Caldwell, Kansas,2 d. 16-Apr-1996 in Fremont, California.2  He married (1) 24-Dec-1938 in Gallup, New Mexico,2 Wilma Jean Bates, b. 18-Nov-1918 in Ouray, Colorado,2 d. 1-Apr-1941 in Ouray, Colorado.2  He married (2)2 Lenora McKesson.

                             Children by Wilma Jean Bates:

                      i.     Beverly Smith, b. 29-May-1940 in Ft. Defiance, Arizona.2  She married 12-Jul-1958 in Sacramento, California,2 Raphael F. Davis.


20.  Leveta Marie Smith, b. 28-Jun-1918 in Perth, Kansas,2 d. 27-Nov-1982 in Bremerton, Washington,2 occupation 25 years bookeeper for restaurant and trucking firms in Klamath Falls, Oregon,2 buried in Miller-Woodlawn Memorial Park, Bremerton, Washington.2  She married 11-Mar-1944 in Wichita, Kansas,2 Ira W. Beard, b. 9-Jan-1918 in Ulman, Missouri.2


            47.     i.     Debra Rae Beard b. 17-Jan-1958.


21.  Geneta Arlene Smith, b. 9-Jun-1921 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 d. 3-Jan-1996 in Port Orchard, Washington.2  She married 11-Nov-1938 in Shawnee, Oklahoma,2 James Willie Townson, b. 12-Mar-1916 in Mincy, Missouri,2 d. 11-Jul-1986 in Bremerton, Washington.2


                      i.     Dorothy Christine Townson, b. 5-Oct-1939 in Arvada, Colorado.2  She married (1) 7 Aug 1993,2 Lavern Clinton Hoblit.  She married (2)2 Keith Stevens.  She married (3)2 Marcus Lee Wright.

            48.     ii.    James Edward Townson b. 23-Mar-1943.


22.  Bertie Lee Smith, b. 1-Jun-1922 in Wichita, Kansas.2  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Merle and Bertie live (circa 2005) in Eudora, Douglas Co.,Kansas. She married 11-Jan-1946,2 Merle Justus Morriss, b. 13-Aug-1922 in Lecompton, Kansas,2 d. 29-Oct-1983 in Eudora, Kansas,2 buried in Eudora Cemetery, Eudora, Kansas.2


            49.     i.     Allen Merle Morriss b. 21-Aug-1947.

            50.     ii.    Effie Merlene Morriss b. 3-Nov-1949.


23.  Karl Eugene Smith, b. 20-Aug-1925 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 d. 27 Nov 2005 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.5  He married (1) 16-Jun-1950 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 Katherine McDaniel, b. 2-Feb-1935 in Longview, Texas.2  He married (2)2 Evelyn Shelby.

                             Children by Katherine McDaniel:

                      i.     Ernie Karl Smith, b. 22-Jun-1951 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  He married (1) Abt June 1969 in Del City, Oklahoma,2 Charlotte Hughes.  He married (2)2 Kimberly Miller.  He married (3)2 Linda Marie Woolbert.

                      ii.    Karen May Smith, b. 18-Jan-1954.2  She married 9-Apr-1971,2 Lloyd Booth.

                      iii.    Kathy Diane Smith, b. 5-Apr-1957 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  She married 1-Aug-1975 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 Roy Michael Manley.

                      iv.   Karla Faye Smith, b. 15-Apr-1963 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  She married2 Scotty Neese.


24.  Kenneth Ferguson Smith, b. 18-Oct-1927 in Larned, Kansas.2  He married 22-Jan-1947,2 Lillian Matilda Latham, b. 1-Aug-1930 in St. Ignatius, Montana,2 d. 12-Aug-1992 in Bremerton, Washington.2


                      i.     Imo Faye Smith, b. 26-Jul-1948 in Sedro Wooley, Washington.2

                      ii.    Ina Raye Smith, b. 16-Jun-1950 in Mount Vernon, Washington.2  She married November, 1969 in Bremerton, Washington,2 Frank R. Varda.

                      iii.    Osa Maye Smith, b. 21-Aug-1951 in Mount Vernon, Washington.2  She married 2-Aug-1969 in Bremerton, Washington,2 Daniel Joseph Siegner.

                      iv.   Kenneth Ferguson Smith, Jr, b. 20-Apr-1955 in Bremerton, Washington.2  He married (1)2 Candy Michelsen.  He married (2)2 Ruth Helen Hoyer.

                      v.    Samuel Wesley Smith, b. 9-Nov-1960 in Bremerton, Washington.2

                      vi.   Timothy Mark Smith, b. 23-Dec-1964 in Bremerton, Washington.2


25.  Kermit Wesley Smith, b. 4-May-1931 in Larned, Kansas.2  He married 4-Aug-1950,2 Cora Lou Ginn, b. 22-Jun-1932 in Lexington, Oklahoma.2


            51.     i.     Dennis Kermit Smith b. 7-Jun-1951.

            52.     ii.    Debra Sue Smith b. 23-Jun-1955.

            53.     iii.    Dawna Eileene Smith b. 15-Mar-1960.


26.  Albert E. Smith Jr, b. 14-Oct-1945 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 occupation 1988 to present letter carrier and operates computers.2  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Albert enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps November22, 1965, serving in the 9th Eng. Division in VietNam for 2 years.  He is a graduate of Northeast High School in Oklahoma City and attended Rose State College and Central State University, studying art.  He received an arts scholarship from the Oklahoma Science and Arts Foundation while in high school. He married 27-Mar-1972 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 Betty Sharon Posey, b. 1-May-1943 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.2


            54.     i.     Keith Richard Smith b. 4-Jun-1968.

            55.     ii.    David Randal Smith b. 14-Oct-1972.

                      iii.    Katie Michelle Smith, b. 2-Dec-1974 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Katie graduated from Bethel High School where she received several art awards and received her associates degree in Art from Seminole Junior College.  She majored in architecture at the University of Oklahoma. She married common law April 10, 19922 Timothy Blevins Dryden, Jr., b. 30-Nov-1976 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2

                      iv.   Ryan Michael Smith, b. 9-Aug-1976 in Midwest City, Oklahoma.2  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Ryan attended Bethel High School where he was on the football team.


27.  Jerry Wayne Smith, b. 25-Nov-1947 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Jerry enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in December, 1966, serving in VietNam for 2 years with Lima Co., 25th Btn., 1st Div.  He was shot in the left shoulder ten days before the end of his tour while at Hi Vam Pass, recovered in an Air Force hospital in Japan and was awarded the Purple Heart and three Presidential Unit Citations.  He is a graduate of Northeast High School in Oklahoma City.  He retired in 1966 after working as a lineman for the past 27 years for the City of Tecumseh, Oklahoma and various other line companies. He married 21-Dec-1974 in Hooker, Oklahoma,2 Joan Cheryl Gilbertson, b. 9-Aug-1956 in Chicago, Illinois.2


                      i.     Jennifer Ann Smith, b. 30-Nov-1975 in Perry, Oklahoma.2  She married2 Jeremy McAlister.

                      ii.    Jeremy Wayne Smith, b. 14-Jan-1978 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2


28.  Daniel Joseph Smith, b. 12-Dec-1949 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  He married 20-Oct-1966 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 Donna Kaye Schultz, b. 7-Aug-1947.2


            56.     i.     Ray Dean Smith b. 22-Apr-1967.

                      ii.    Terri Ann Smith.  She married (1) April, 1989,2 Shawn Lamb.  She married (2)2 Tony Ray Jackson.

                      iii.    Theresa Kay Smith, b. 6-May-1971 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  She married2 Jimmie Don Ross.


29.  Orcenith S. Smith, b. 29-Jun-1917 in Kansas,14 d. September 1986 in Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio.14  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Orcenith served in German in World War II as a Second Lieutenant in the 35th Division, medical corps.  He was discharged as a Captain.  He was director of choral music at the University of Oklahoma.  He became a Professor and in 1951 was a professor of fine arts at Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, where he directed a choir.  His last residence was Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio. He married Aurora Giaquinto, b. 26-May-1913 in Kansas,14 d. August 1978 in Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio.14


                      i.     Christine Michelle Smith, b. 13 Jun 1945.1  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Christine received degrees in music from University of Oklahoma and Michigan State University.  Christine's career has taken her all over the world for performance, studies, and research.  Currently Principal Flute in the Kalamazoo (Michigan) Symphony Orchestra, Christine has performed with the National Symphony of Bogoto in Colombia, South America; the Oklahoma City Chamber Orchestra; the Nebraska Sinfonia; and the Greater Lansing (Michigan) Symphony.  A frequent recitalist and Chamber Musician, she was a member of the Oklahoma Wind Quintet when it made it's New York Carnegie Hall debut in 1985 and she made another Carnegie debut in 1997 with her brother, Ocenith Smith, a tubist.  She has made several recordings.  In 1998 she was featured in a live interview and concert on National Public Radio's Performance Today from Washington D.C.

                      ii.    Orcenith George Smith, b. 14 Apr 1951.1  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Orcenith is a Professor of Musice at De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and is a frequent guest conductor at orchestras throughout the United States.


30.  Theota Arlene Smith, b. 10 May 1922,1 d. 17 Dec 1946 from complications of childbirth.5  She married 28 Apr 1943 in Wichita, Kansas,1,11 Rev. Dallas Coyd Taggart, b. 10 May 1922 in Olpe, Kansas,11 d. 20 Nov 2000 in Sonoma, California.11  Rev.: According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Dallas attended Friends University, majoring in music theory and voice, receiving his B.A. degree in 1943.  He spent 23 months in the South Pacific during World War II.  He became a Methodist pastor.


                      i.     Michael Taggart, b. 12 Dec 1946 in Wichita, Kansas.1,5


31.  Everta Joy Smith, b. 26 May 1924.1  She married 26 Dec 1943 in Meade, Kansas,1,5 Prof. Ben Weldon Wolfe, b. 21 Nov 1920,5 d. 1 Sep 1994 in Wichita, Kansas.5  Prof.: According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Benny served in the U.S. Navy in World War II.  They spent most of thier lives in Wichita.  Benny died before September 1998, when Everta was honored with a brick placed in the Plaza of Heroines, at Wichita, Kansas.


                      i.     Nancy L. Wolfe, b. 8 Jul 1947 in Lawrence, Kansas.1,5

                      ii.    Eric Wolfe, b. 15 Aug 1950 in Wichita, Kansas.11,5


32.  Esther Joann Niebaum, b. 19-Jun-1927 in Caldwell, Sumner Co.,Kansas.2,5  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Esther is a 1944 graduate of Caldwell High School in Caldwell, Kansas.  She retired from the Stock Exchange Bank in Caldwell in 1989. She married 15-Jun-1946 in Wichita, Kansas,2,[xix] Kenneth Lee Nulik, b. 31 Dec 1926 on a farm between Caldwell and Bluff City, Kansas,19 occupation Retired 1991 farming.2


            57.     i.     Vicki Lee Nulik b. 20 Nov 1948.

            58.     ii.    Sheryl Lyn Nulik b. 12 Dec 1950.

            59.     iii.    Shelley Ann Nulik b. 25 Jan 1953.


33.  Eldon Jerome Niebaum, b. 11-Sep-1939 in Caldwell, Kansas.2  According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Jerry and Judy moved to Lawrence, Kansas, in 1981.  Jerry is a computer science expert, with a PhD in computer science from Iowa State University in 1973.  He has held adminstative leadership positions at Iowa State University (1968-1981) and at the University of Kansas (1981-2004).  Jerry served as Director of Academic Computing Services at the University of Kansas from 1981 to 1999.  He retired in 2004. He married 11-Jun-1961 in Caldwell, Kansas,2,5 Judith Roxann Johnson, b. 18 Nov 1940 in Caldwell, Kansas.5


            60.     i.     Richard Dean Niebaum b. 8 Jan 1963.

            61.     ii.    Jerri Jeane Niebaum b. 5 Jan 1966.


34.  Archie LaGrant Watts, b. 2 Nov 1927 in Perth, Kansas,1,11 d. 19 Nov 1995 in Harper, Kansas.5  According to Florence Lee, Archie enlisted in the Navy in November, 1945, serving as a mechanic, Mate 3rd Class.  He was discharged in November, 1948. He married1 Betty Ann Long.


                      i.     Michael Wynant Watts, b. 31 Jan 1950,1 resided 2005 in Kansas.11

                      ii.    Steven Lagrant  Watts, b. 18 Jan 1952,11,5 d. was killed from an auto accident as an adult January, 1982.5


Fourth Generation


35.  Elvin Richard Watts, b. 12 Jun 1931.1  According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Elvin and Joyce live (circa 2003) in Wellington, Sumner Co., Kansas, 620-863-2447. He married 19 Apr 1960 in Wellington, Kansas,16 Joyce Allene Urban, b. 1937.11


            62.     i.     Cynthia Rae Watts b. 17 Feb 1965.

                      ii.    Aron Richard Watts, b. 29 Nov 1977 in Wellington, Kansas.16


36.  Marvin Roy Watts, b. 31 Mar 1933 in Wellington, Kansas,1,16 d. 14 Sep 1998 in Wellington, Kansas,16,[xx] buried in Corzine Cemetery, Corbin, Kansas.16  He married 4 Dec 1955,16 Donna Lee Daniel, b. 8 Mar 1935.16


            63.     i.     David Leroy Watts b. 7 Jul 1957.

            64.     ii.    Mark Lorane Watts b. 1 Feb 1961.


37.  Marion Lee Watts, b. 30 Dec 1936 in Wellington, Kansas,1,16 d. 18 Sep 2000 in Perth, Kansas,16 buried in Corzine Cemetery, Corbin, Kansas.16  He married (1)16 Carolyn Thomas.  He married (2) 17 Mar 1977 in Perth, Kansas,16 Rose Maxine Nelson, b. Febuary 1951.11,16

                             Children by Carolyn Thomas:

            65.     i.     Brenda Sue Watts b. 13 Mar 1958.

            66.     ii.    Becky Jo Watts b. 9 Jan 1961.

                      iii.    Jerry Dean Watts, b. 27 Apr 1993 in Wellington, Kansas.16

            67.     iv.   Michelle Lea Watts b. 27 Dec 1968.

                      v.    Michael Eugene Watts, b. 5 Feb 1970 in Wellington, Kansas.16

                             Children by Rose Maxine Nelson:

            68.     vi.   Eric Karl Madill Watts b. 3 Apr 1973.

                      vii.   Brian Ray Madill Watts, b. 10 Jul 1974 in Wellington, Kansas,16 adopted by father 17 Jul 1987.16  He married 12 May 2001,16 Angela Kay DuBois, b. 7 Jul 1972.16


38.  Arnold Glen Watts, b. 3 Sep 1939 in Wellington, Kansas.1,16  He married 22 May 1966 in Wellington, Kansas,16 Margie Slack.


                      i.     Scott Allen Watts, b. 1 Jan 1969 in Wellington, Kansas.16

                      ii.    Ryan Eric Watts, b. 22 Feb 1972 in Wellington, Kansas.16


39.  Cleeta Lethine or Electa Smith, b. 5 Aug 1936 in Grove, Oklahoma.1,16  She married (1)16 Richard Baxter.  She married (2) 20 Sep 1968,16 Ray Harrelson.

                             Children by Richard Baxter:

            69.     i.     Loren Baxter b. 24 Jun 1960.

                      ii.    Loree DeAnn Baxter, b. 2 Jun 1963.16  She married16 Rick Boyer.

                             Children by Ray Harrelson:

            70.     iii.    Darren Harrelson b. 9 Apr 1969.


40.  Peggy Ann Smith, b. 14 Jun 1941/6 Mar 19 in Wellington, Kansas.  She married 6 Aug 1961 in Wellington, Kansas,16 James Johns.


            71.     i.     Dana Lee Johns b. 10 Jul 1964.


41.  Deborah Sue Smith, b. 6 Jun 1952 in Wichita, Kansas.16  She married (1) 7 Nov 1969 in Wichita, Kansas,16 Bruce Arthur Smith, b. 17 Sep 1950 in Wichita, Kansas.16  She married (2) 30 Oct 1987 in Wellington, Kansas,16 Tommy Tarrel Rains, b. 26 Jan 1958 in Wellington, Kansas.16

                             Children by Bruce Arthur Smith:

            72.     i.     Stacey Lynn Smith b. 2 Jun 1970.

            73.     ii.    Shaunda LeighAnn Smith b. 28 Nov 1972.

            74.     iii.    Jeremy Jason Smith b. 30 Mar 1976.

                             Children by Tommy Tarrel Rains:

                      iv.   Trenton Tyler Rains, b. 20 Nov 1988 in Wellington, Kansas.16

                      v.    Grant Garrett Rains, b. 27 Feb 1990 in Wellington, Kansas.16

                      vi.   Nathaniel Nicholas Rains, b. 1 May 1991 in Wellington, Kansas.16


42.  Marcia Eileen Smith, b. 30 Jul 1954 in Wichita, Kansas.16  She married 19 Jan 1971 in Mulvane, Kansas,16 Bradley Mohr.


            75.     i.     Kevin Glenn Mohr b. 24 May 1976.

            76.     ii.    Brett Simon Mohr b. 18 Dec 1979.


43.  Terrance Lee Smith, b. 2 Oct 1959 in Wichita, Kansas.16  He married 15 Feb 1980 in Mulvane, Kansas,16 Jimmie Lora Hill.


            77.     i.     Jana Sue Smith b. 26 Nov 1980.


44.  Lawrence E. Choice, b. 15 Jan 1945,1 d. 18 Apr 2004.11  According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Lawrence graduated from the University of Rochester, New York in 1967, and who lived in Oklahoma, possibly at Stillwater.  His last residence was San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California. He married11 Donna L. (     ) Choice.


                      i.     David L. Choice, b.11. According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, David graduated from Bellarmine College Preparatory School, a Catholic School in Santa Clara Co., California, in 1994.


45.  David (Dusty) Schindler, b. 26 Dec 1946,11,5 resided October, 2001 in Millsboro, Delaware.18  He married Wilamina Lorraine (     ) Schindler, b. 26 Aug 1953.11


                      i.     Dusty L. Schindler, b. 13 Oct 1963.11  According the Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner,  Dusty lives in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Patty Schindler lives with him and might be a wife.

                      ii.    Patty Schindler, b. 23 Jul 2965.11


46.  Claudia Ann Schindler, b. 27 Nov 1952,5,11 resided October, 2001 in Vancouver, Washington.18  She married18 John T, Sisson, b. 1 Aug 1951.11


                      i.     Craig T. Sisson, b. 1 Nov 1976.11

                      ii.    possibly Leanne Justine Sisson, b. 1980.

                      iii.    John T. Sisson, b. 1981.11

                      iv.   possibly Jeffrey Mcmurray ("Jeff") Sisson, b. 1981.11


47.  Debra Rae Beard, b. 17-Jan-1958 in Portland, Oregon.2  She married 28-Jun-1984 in Reno, Nevada,2 Nathan Freeman, b. 21-Jan-1963 in Malin, Oregon.2


                      i.     Kristina Marie Fowler, b. 8-Apr-1982 in Klamath Falls, Oregon.2

                      ii.    Heather L. Freeman, b. 14-Oct-1984 in Klamath Falls, Oregoon.2

                      iii.    Joshua A. Freeman, b. 6-Nov-1984 in Klamath Falls, Oregon.2


48.  James Edward Townson, b. 23-Mar-1943 in Vancouver, Washington.2  He married 5-Jul-1963 in Bremerton, Washington,2 Ardith Lavonne Sartin, b. 16-Jan-1941 in Modesto, California.2


                      i.     Earl Dwayne Townson, b. 21-Mar-1961 in Iowa City, Iowa.2  He married (1)2 Connie Hill.  He married (2)2 Cheryl Jean Anderson.

                      ii.    Jamie Lee Townson, b. 23-Jul-1964 in Bremerton, Washington.2  He married 10-Sep-1993 in Port Orchard, Washington,2_2 Nancy Lee Smith.

                      iii.    Sean Edward Townson, b. 21-Jun-1966 in Inglewood, Colorado.2  He married (1) 21-Dec-1982 in Las Vegas, Nevada,2 Kim Whitman.  He married (2) Nancy Lee Smith.

                      iv.   Kerry Michael Townson, b. 1-May-1970 in Bremerton, Washington.2  He married 15-Aug-1990 in Port Orchard, Washington,2 Debra Lynn Denton.


49.  Allen Merle Morriss, b. 21-Aug-1947 in Lawrence, Kansas.2  He married 19-Jun-1981 in Eudora, Kansas,2 Cherylene Morriss, b. 22-Nov-1948 in Kansas City, Missouri.2


                      i.     William Christopher Morriss, b. 29-Apr-1973 in Kansas City, Missouri.2

                      ii.    Cherylene Shirley Rebecca Morriss, b. 16-Mar-1974 in Kansas City, Missouri.2  She married2 Steven Drake.

                      iii.    Elizabeth Lee Morriss, b. 30-Jan-1982 in Kansas City, Missouri.2

                      iv.   Katrina Merlene Morriss, b. 25-Dec-1983 in Kansas City, Missouri.2


50.  Effie Merlene Morriss, b. 3-Nov-1949 in Lawrence, Kansas.2  She married 22-Sep-1973 in Kansas City, Missouri,2 Price Joe McCormick, b. 7-Dec-1951 in Coffeyville, Kansas.2


                      i.     Travis Edwin McCormick, b. 5-Jul-1979 in Lawrence, Kansas.2

                      ii.    Kurtis Durwin McCormick, b. 5-Jul-1979 in Lawrence, Kansas.2

                      iii.    Kevin L. McCormick, b. 7-Jan-1982 in Lawrence, Kansas.2


51.  Dennis Kermit Smith, b. 7-Jun-1951 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  He married (1) 6-Jun-1971 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 Bonnie Britton, b. 23-May-1954 in Henryetta, Oklahoma.2  He married (2)2 Sandi Richardson, b. 23-Sep-1955.2

                             Children by Bonnie Britton:

                      i.     Angelia DeLois Smith, b. 29-Nov-1971 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 occupation staff accountant at Accord Human Resources.2  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Angelia attended the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma City Community College studying accounting and business. She married2 Walter Ray Whitehead, occupation salesman for Stuart Irby Company.2


52.  Debra Sue Smith, b. 23-Jun-1955 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  She married 4-Aug-1978 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 Kenward Kenneth Young, b. 19-Jul-1950.2


                      i.     Kendra Young, b. 30-Jan-1980.2


53.  Dawna Eileene Smith, b. 15-Mar-1960 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  She married 8-Apr-1983 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 Charles David Ramirez, b. 24-Mar-1961 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2


                      i.     Kiel Ramirez, b. 18-Dec-1985 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2

                      ii.    Trent Ramirez, b. 28-Oct-1987 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2


54.  Keith Richard Smith, b. 4-Jun-1968 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,2 occupation America Online, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" Keith has attended Oklahoma City Community College and Draughon Business School. He married 4-Feb-1989 in Choctaw, Oklahoma,2 Pamela Kay Jackson, b. 10-Jun-1991 in Duncan, Oklahoma.2


                      i.     Brandy Diane Smith, b. 1-Mar-1991 in Midwest City, Oklahoma.2

                      ii.    Anicia Kyle Smith, b. 1-Nov-1992 in Midwest City, Oklahoma.2

                      iii.    Crystal Denea Smith, b. 29-May-1994 in Midwest City, Oklahoma.2


55.  David Randal Smith, b. 14-Oct-1972 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  According to Albert and Sharon Smith "The Smith's 1756 to 1997" David has been stationed in Georgia since 1996 with the U.S. Army.  He graduated from Bethel High School where he was a member of the track and football teams. He married 18-Dec-1993 in Shawnee, Oklahoma,2 Donetta Catherine Middleswarth, b. 6-Oct-1969 in Thatcher, Arizona.2


                      i.     Joshua Smith, b. 14-Aug-1988 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.2

                      ii.    Danielle Wilson, b. 26-Mar-1990.2


56.  Ray Dean Smith, b. 22-Apr-1967 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.2  He married 27-Dec-1989 in Heidelberg, Germany,2 Christiane Schnautz, b. 26-Jun-1971 in Heidelberg, Germany.2


                      i.     Shaun Ray Smith, b. 16-Nov-1990.2

                      ii.    Caroline Smith, b. 1-Feb-1994.2


57.  Vicki Lee Nulik, b. 20 Nov 1948 in Caldwell, Kansas.19  She married (1) 1 Jun 1968,19 divorced 1975,19 Kenneth Robert May, b. 1946.5  She married (2) 14 May 1976,19 divorced 2000,19 Eddie Morrison, b. 1946.5

                             Children by Kenneth Robert May:

            78.     i.     Chad Christopher May b. 11 Apr 1970.

                             Children by Eddie Morrison:

                      ii.    Jennifer Jane Morrison, b. 8 Sep 1977.19  She married5 Christopher Charles Barker, b. 1970.5


58.  Sheryl Lyn Nulik, b. 12 Dec 1950 in Caldwell, Kansas.19,5  She married 15 Feb 1974,19 Gregory Girard Nickol, b. 1951.5


            79.     i.     Joseph Peter Nickol b. 24 Nov 1975.

                      ii.    Heather Melissa Nickol, b. 10 Sep 1982.19  She married5 Jeffrey John Hughes.

                      iii.    Kristian Gabriel Nickol, b. 19 Jan 1985.19

                      iv.   Hilary Kathryn Nickol, b. 17 Nov 1991.19


59.  Shelley Ann Nulik, b. 25 Jan 1953 in Caldwell, Kansas.19,5  She married (1) 27 Nov 1971,19 divorced19 Michael George Koehler, b. 1952.5  She married (2) 6 Jun 1987,19 Gary James Coffey, b. 1948.5

                             Children by Michael George Koehler:

            80.     i.     Michelle Marie Koehler b. 31 Dec 1971.

            81.     ii.    Christopher Martin Koehler b. 11 Nov 1977.


60.  Richard Dean Niebaum, b. 8 Jan 1963 in Leavenworth, Kansas.5  He married (1) June 1984 in Lawrence, Kansas,5 Jenny Clark, b. 20 Nov 1965.5  He married (2) February, 1999 in Lake Forest, Illinois,5 Laurie Wynne Weber, b. 20 May 1965.5

                             Children by Laurie Wynne Weber:

                      i.     Avi Zephyra Niebaum, b. 23 Aug 1999 in Chicago, Illinois.5

                      ii.    Astrid Ariana Niebaum, b. 23 Nov 2002 in Mission Viejo, California.5


61.  Jerri Jeane Niebaum, b. 5 Jan 1966 in Wichita, Kansas.5  She married 30 Jul 1994 in Lawrence, Kansas,5 Matthew Benton Clark, b. 2 Jul 1966 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.5


                      i.     Calvin Jay Clark, b. 28 Nov 1995.5


Fifth Generation


62.  Cynthia Rae Watts, b. 17 Feb 1965 in Wellington, Kansas.16  She married July, 1985,16 Michael Bauer.


                      i.     Nolan Bauer, b. 9 Dec 1985.16

                      ii.    Andrew Bauer, b. February, 1991.16


63.  David Leroy Watts, b. 7 Jul 1957.16  He married (1) 24 Nov 1979 in Wellington, Kansas,16 Sharon Tucker.  He married (2) 12 Aug 1989 in Englewood, Colorado,16 Cheryl Howe, b. 15 Sep 1963.16

                             Children by Sharon Tucker:

                      i.     Timothy Lee Watts, b. 19 Dec 1980.16  He married 23 Jul 2005 in Topeka, Kansas,16 Jennie Johnson, b. 16 Oct 1981.16

                             Children by Cheryl Howe:

                      ii.    Daniel Joel Watts, b. 29 Apr 1990.16

                      iii.    Caleb William Watts, b. 11 Nov 1991.16

                      iv.   Isaac Zechariah Watts, b. 19 Aug 1993.16

                      v.    Rachel Kay Watts, b. 4 Aug 1995.16

                      vi.   Jeremiah Patrick Watts, b. 22 Feb 1998.16

                      vii.   Benjamin James Watts, b. 26 Jan 2000.16

                      viii.  Samuel Roy Watts, b. 6 Sep 2002.16


64.  Mark Lorane Watts, b. 1 Feb 1961.16  He married (1)16 Alice C. Jackson.  He married (2) 17 Sep 1995,16 Sharon (     ) Watts.

                             Children by Alice C. Jackson:

                      i.     Amber Lea Watts, b. 19 Feb 1987.16


65.  Brenda Sue Watts, b. 13 Mar 1958 in Wellington, Kansas.16  She married 26 Feb 1977 in Wellington, Kansas,16 Richard Cochran, b. 8 Feb 1954.16


            82.     i.     Traci Lynn Cochran b. 25 Sep 1978.

                      ii.    Ryan Lance Cochran, b. 14 Aug 2003.16

                      iii.    Cristy Alee Cochran, b. 17 Jan 1986.16


66.  Becky Jo Watts, b. 9 Jan 1961 in Wellington, Kansas.16  She married 3 Dec 1984 in Wichita, Kansas,16 Clyde Riley Hill, b. 20 Oct 1959.16


                      i.     Christopher Michael Hill, b. 13 Jun 1989.16

                      ii.    Taylor Nichol Hill, b. 17 Jul 1992.16

                      iii.    Colten Matthew Hill, b. 24 Jun 1998.16


67.  Michelle Lea Watts, b. 27 Dec 1968 in Wellington, Kansas.16  She married (1) 6 Oct 1990,16 Michael D. Fisher.  She married (2) 8 Mar 2003,16 Kenny Kauffman, b. 11 Oct 1950.16

                             Children by Michael D. Fisher:

                      i.     Derrick Michael Fisher, b. 3 Dec 1990.16

                      ii.    Dustin Matthew Fisher, b. 14 Jan 1992.16

                      iii.    Sydney Michelle Fisher, b. 27 Jun 1993.16

                             Children by Kenny Kauffman:

                      iv.   Carleigh Keen Kauffman, b. 12 Mar 2003.16


68.  Eric Karl Madill Watts, b. 3 Apr 1973 in Wellington, Kansas,16 adopted by father 17 Jul 1987.16  He married 24 Jul 1993 in Caldwell, Kansas,16 Dana Sue Volvovka, b. 20 Sep 1975.11,16


                      i.     Haley Beth Watts, b. 17 Apr 1994.16


69.  Loren Baxter, b. 24 Jun 1960.16  He married 3 Sep 1994 in Kansas City, Missouri,16 Feryl (     ) Baxter.


                      i.     Conner Baxter, b. 17 Jul 1995.16


70.  Darren Harrelson, b. 9 Apr 1969.16,11  He married 25 May 1995 in Springfield, Missouri,16 Laura (     ) Harrelson, b. 15 Jun 1970.16


                      i.     Mackenzie Harrelson, b. 12 Mar 1998.16


71.  Dana Lee Johns, b. 10 Jul 1964.16  She married 9 Aug 1984 in Anchorage, Alaska,16 Timothy Smith.


                      i.     Timothy Smith Jr., b. 16 Nov 1987.16

                      ii.    Zackary Smith, b. 11 Mar 1990.16

                      iii.    Jedidiah Smith, b. 25 Feb 1992.16

                      iv.   Enoch Smith, b. 28 Jul 1999.16

                      v.    Seth Smith, b. 5 Oct 2001.16


72.  Stacey Lynn Smith, b. 2 Jun 1970 in Wichita, Kansas.16  She married 4 Jun 1994 in Mulvane, Kansas,16 Paul Stanley, b. 25 Jan 1963 in El Dorado, Kansas.16


                      i.     Christopher Glenn Smith, b. 3 Apr 1988 in Wellington, Kansas,16 adopted by father16.

                      ii.    Kylee Renea Smith, b. 7 Aug 1989 in Wellington, Kansas,16 adopted by father16.

                      iii.    Zachary Keegan Stanley, b. 24 Feb 1997 in Wichita, Kansas.16


73.  Shaunda LeighAnn Smith, b. 28 Nov 1972 in Wellington, Kansas.16  She married March, 1996 in Mulvane, Kansas,16 Travis Rakestraw.


                      i.     Jacob William Smith, b. 30 Sep 1991 in Wichita, Kansas.16

                      ii.    Allyson Nichole Rakestraw, b. 3 Nov 1998 in Wichita, Kansas.16


74.  Jeremy Jason Smith, b. 30 Mar 1976 in Wellington, Kansas.16  He married March 1996 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas,16 Monica (     ) Smith.


                      i.     Megan Paige Smith, b. 10 May 2002 in El Dorado, Kansas.16


75.  Kevin Glenn Mohr, b. 24 May 1976 in Wichita, Kansas.16  He married 15 Jul 2005 in Peabody, Kansas,16 Amanda Pastuer.


                      i.     Cody Pastuer, b.16.

                      ii.    Katie Pastuer, b.16.


76.  Brett Simon Mohr, b. 18 Dec 1979 in Wichita, Kansas.16  He married 7 Jun 2003 in Wichita, Kansas,16 Heather Savoy.


                      i.     Brynn Nichole Mohr, b. 12 Nov 2004 in Wichita, Kansas.16


77.  Jana Sue Smith, b. 26 Nov 1980 in Wellington, Kansas.  She married 17 Sep 2005 in Mulvane, Kansas,16 James Leroy Gillespie Jr..


                      i.     Jorja Smith, b. 21 Oct 2003 in Wichita, Kansas.16


78.  Chad Christopher May, b. 11 Apr 1970.19  He married5 Cathy Floyd, b. 1975.5


                      i.     Madeline Christine May, b.5.


79.  Joseph Peter Nickol, b. 24 Nov 1975.19  He married (1)5 Tammy Kay Morhardt, b. 1973.5  He married (2)5 Loni Anne Lucker, b. 1981.5

                             Children by Tammy Kay Morhardt:

                      i.     Garrett Michael Nickol, b.5.


80.  Michelle Marie Koehler, b. 31 Dec 1971.19  She married5 Cody Bergman, b. 1973.5


                      i.     Chance Kyler Bergman, b. 1998.5

                      ii.    Taylor Brianne Bergman, b. 1998.5


81.  Christopher Martin Koehler, b. 11 Nov 1977.19  He married5 Annette Marie Francis, b. 1978.5


                      i.     Brailey Lynn Koehler, b. 2002.5

                      ii.    Brieley Anne Koehler, b. 2002.5


Sixth Generation


82.  Traci Lynn Cochran, b. 25 Sep 1978 in Wellington, Kansas.16  She married 26 Feb 1977 in Wellington, Kansas,16 Ryan Smith, b. 10 Sep 1978.16


                      i.     Laken Ryan Smith, b. 14 Aug 2003.16






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