The Smith - Pope Reunion
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Pope Family Siblings

Arthur, William, Theodore Jr., Frank, Elmer, Marie [seated]
[note: order may not be correct]
date on photo is Nov 1967

Wives of the Pope brothers
From the left: Goldie [William], Celia [Frank], Geraldine [Theodore], Gladys [Elmer], Garnett [Arthur]

Picture contributed by Charlotte Pope Baker

Pope Family Grandchildren

1st row--Joan & Orville Lee (the 2 little kids)
2nd row- Melvin Earl, Billie Joe, Mary Pauline, Melba Jean, Corrine, Mary Lou, Alma Dean
3rd row-Elmer Esy Jr, Dollie Darlene, Betty Jean, Freddie Glenn
4th row- Charles Alva, Theodore Grant Sr., Lorene, Sylvester

Photo contributed by Billie Joe Pope Helton
Scanned by Deb Rains

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