The Smith - Pope Reunion
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Morris Center Cemetery - graves of Thomas Pope & others
Photos by Jerome Niebaum & Joann Nulik

Eldon Jerome Niebaum & Esther Joann Nulik at the entrance to Morris Center Cemetery, six miles
south and 1 mile east of Argonia, Sumner County, Kansas. The cemetery is on Eden Road, 1 mile north of K44.
All of the Pope family graves are on the South edge about midway between East and West boundaries.
This cemetery holds the graves of Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) Pope, 3 of his sons, and one of his daughters.

Gravestone of:
T. J. Pope
Apr. 25, 1885

Thomas Jefferson Pope, born 17 Jan 1816, died 25 Apr 1885
Following is the tombstone in the right background.

Gravestone of Theodore Grant Pope and his wife, Mary Helen Maklin Pope
Theodore G. is a son of T. J. Pope

Gravestone of Francis (Frank) M. Pope and wife, Sarah Catherine Long Pope
F.M. Pope, b. May 9, 1840, d. Dec. 4, 1905           Sarah C. b. Sep. 2, 1846, d. Mar 4, 1928
F. M. Pope was a son of T.J. Pope

Gravestone of Jeffre or Jeffie or Jefferson G. Pope
Son of T.J. & M.A. Pope, DIED Apr. 21, 1882
AGED 8Y. 6M. 17D
He was born on 4 Oct 1873. Oral history asserts that Jeffie was killed when a horse rolled on him.

"I am going home to die no more"
Base of tombstone for J.G. Pope

This grave is part of the Pope family group. It is known that Mary Pope, daughter of T.J. Pope was born in 1848.
It is believed that Mary Pope married (1) William Manela and married (2) Moses Gum sometime later.
Note that Wm. Manela was only 32 years old at the time of his death.

Speculation: Mary Pope and William Manela may be the grandparents of Ben Manela who married Edith Smith,
daughter of Susan Martha Pope/Smith, half-sister of Mary Pope. It was oral history that Edith and Ben were cousins.

Eldon Jerome Niebaum with the gravestone of Susan M. Pope Smith and Joseph G. Smith
in Bethany Cemetery, Perth, Sumner County, Kansas. Susan (Sudie) is a daughter of T.J. Pope.

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