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Benjamin Franklin Smith - Family Group Sheet - from George & Judy Knoblock - 13 Mar 2006
Husband: Benjamin Franklin Smith died at age: 88
Born: 15-Apr-1821 in Gorham, Ontario Co., New York (1,2,3)
Died: 6-Feb-1910 in Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma (3)
Buried: 7-Feb-1910 in Minco Cemetery, Minco, Oklahoma (3)
Occupation: Blacksmith (1)
Father: Isaac Adams Smith Jr. Mother: Lydia Wright

I have been able to find BF Smith 1850 and 1860 Castile, Wyoming Co., New York, 1861 Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa, 1870 maybe Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1880 Caldwell, Sumner Co., Kansas, 1906 Colorado Springs, Colorado probably living with Florence Lee according to obituary.

Benjamin and Weltha arrived in Township 18, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma in May, 1889 according to the 1890 Kingfisher County Census. In probating Isaac Adams Smith Jr's will it stated that Benjamin Franklin was living in Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa July 23, 1875. The paperwork showed a petition for proof of will, State of New York, City and County of Albany - George W. Quackenbush, of the city of Albany, being duly sworn, says, that he is a Foreman in the office of The Albany Evening Journal, State Paper, published in the City of Albany, and that the Notice, of which a printed copy is annexed, has been regularly published in The Albany Evening Journal, once in each week for 6 weeks, successively, commencing on the twenty third day of July 1875.

Approximately 1907 he went to Minco, Grady Co., Oklahoma to live. He died in Silas's home per his obituary.
Wife: Weltha Ann Dana died at age: 69
Married: 19-Jan-1842 in New York his age: 20 her age: 19 4
Born: 5-Sep-1822 in New York (4,1,5)
Died: 8-Jun-1892 in Hennessey, Kingfisher Co., Oklahoma (4,6)
Occupation: Homemaker
Resided: in See notes (6)
Father: Silas Dana
Mother: Mary Crowell

A January 14, 1992 letter from JoAnn Smith says that Weltha Ann was the wife of B.F. Smith of Wyoming Co., New York according to her father, Silas Dana's probate packet in 1846. The 1850 and 1860 Castile, Wyoming census places them there. In 1880 they are in Caldwell, Sumner, Co., Kansas census.
M Child 1: Twin #1 Smith
Born: 8-Nov-1842 (4)
Died: in infancy Sex Unknown (4)
F Child 2: Twin #2 Smith
Born: 8-Nov-1842 (4)
Died: in infancy Sex Unknown (4)
M Child 3: Silas Adams Smith died at age: 77
Born: 22-Sep-1843 in Hume, Allegany Co., New York (7,8)
Died: 18-Aug-1921 in Grand Island, Hall Co., Nebraska (9)
Buried: 19-Aug-1921 in Nebraska Veterans Memorial Cemetery (9)
Occupation: Civil War Veteran, Farmer (10,11)
Spouse: Laura E Scutt b. 5 Jan 1837 d. 7-Jul-1886
Married: ca 1868/9 in Iowa
Spouse: Elisabeth or Lizzie Been b. ca 1853 d. Unknown
Married: 13-Jan-1876 in Avoca, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa (12)
Spouse: Katie Ellen Larison b. 25-Jul-1868 d. 25-Jun-1918
Married: 4-Mar-1884 in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., Missouri (13)
Spouse: Minna Gamble b. 0-___-1868
Married: 25-Jan-1921 in Grand Island, Hall Co., Nebraska (14)

On Silas' Declaration For Pension, 29 September, 1913 he lists his places of residence since the War as Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and California. According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, in 1870 Silas and Laura farmed in Clark Township, Tama Co., Iowa, post office Ettie, and had 2 children. One of those children was Frederick Smith who was 8 months and the other child was Elmer Gerdel, age 7, born in New York. This may indicate that Laura had a previous marriage as she was some older than Silas.
F Child 4: Sarah Jane Smith
Born: 13-Mar-1846 in New York (4,1)
M Child 5: Loren Lester Smith died at age: 20
Born: 25-Mar-1848 in New York (4,1)
Died: 1869 killed by lightning (4)
F Child 6: Cora Elsadina Smith died at age: 36
Born: 12-Feb-1850 in New York (4,15,1)
Died: 19-Jul-1886 (4)
Spouse: Calvin Titus b. March, 1847 d. 1927
F Child 7: Viola Deletta Smith died at age: 91
Born: 25-Jan-1852 in Castile, Wyoming Co., New York (4,16,17,18)
Died: 25-Sep-1943 in California (4,18)
Spouse: Jason Douglass Lee b. 8 Apr 1853 d. After 1950
Married: 13-Nov-1878 in Sumner Co., Kansas (19)

According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Viola and Jason lived first in Caldwell Township, Sumner Co., Kansas next to Jason's parents and two of Jason's brothers and close to Benjamin Franklin Smith.

Viola, her husband and five children arrived in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma in appropriately May, 1889. In 1900 Jason was living on Laura Avenue, 6th Ward, Wichita, Kansas, listed as a minister. Living with them in 1900 was Viola's widowed father, Benjamin Franklin Smith. In 1910, Jason and Viola lived in 1st Precinct, Allen Township, Mesa Co., Colorado where Jason was a house plasterer. They were in Spokane, Washington in 1920. They were in Santa Barbara, California in 1930 where Jason was a contractor. Living with them in 1930 was Charles F. Smih, Viola's brother.
M Child 8: Truman Rudolph Smith
Born: 9-Dec-1853 in New York (4,20)
Occupation: Farmer (21)
Spouse: May Piercy b. CIR 1864

On April 21, 1879 in Sumner County, Kansas No. 10415 Truman promised the sum of two hundred dollars for the South West quarter of Section No. 2, in Township No. 34 South, of Range No. 3 West, containing one hundred and sixty acres and 700 hundredths at $1.25 per acre. Yet his parents, Benjamin and Weltha Smith sold this land in April 27, 1883 to Truman's brother, Joseph Grant Smith for one thousand dollars. Truman and wife arrived in Township 18, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma in May, 1889.
F Child 9: Susan Adelaide Smith died at age: 22
Born: 4-Oct-1855 in New York (4,18)
Died: 29-Jun-1878 (4)
M Child 10: Ben Frank Smith died at age: 3
Born: 8-Nov-1857 (4)
Died: 16-Apr-1861 (4)
F Child 11: Florence Genevieve Smith died at age: 98
Born: 11-Nov-1859 in Castile, Wyoming Co., New York (4,22,20,5)
Died: 17-Mar-1958 in Vancouver, Washington (22)
Buried: 22-Mar-1958 in Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO (22,23)
Resided: in See notes
Spouse: William Henry Lee b. 23 Aug 1855 d. 1-Nov-1919
Married: 29-Jan-1880 in Caldwell Township, Sumner Co., Kansas (19,18)

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, 215 South Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 researched the city directories and found the Lees lived in Colorado Springs from 1902 to 1920. Addresses were as follows: 1902, 1508 Lincoln Avenue; 1903, 1027 Washington Avenue; 1904, 27 West Huerfano Street; 1905, 539 Harrison Avenue; 1910/1920, 539 West Dale Street. Their associations in the community were with the People's Mission Church, Working Men's Home and Rocky Mountain Rescue Mission.
M Child 12: Charles Francis Smith
Born: 23-Sep-1861 in Iowa (20,5)

Charles was in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma from November or December, 1888 according to the Territorial Census Of Oklahoma, 1890 living with his parents. According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, Charles married about 1916-17, at age 55, unknown who.

According to Herbert Smith in a 1991 conversation, Charles Smith lived with his nephew, Roy Smith for about a year maybe around 1924. By 1930, Charles was a widower, living in Santa Barbara, California with his sister, Viola D. Lee.
M Child 13: Joseph Grant Smith died at age: 72
Born: 2-Mar-1863 in Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa (4,24,5,25)
Died: 12 May 1935 in Caldwell, Sumner Co., Kansas (24,26,25)
Buried: in Perth Cemetery, Perth, Kansas (27,26)
Occupation: Farmer (21)
Description: NIckname - Duddie (26)
Spouse: Susan Martha Pope b. 3-Mar-1867 d. 19 Sep 1956
Married: 22-Jan-1884 in Caldwell, Sumner Co., Kansas (27,24,28)

Joseph bought land from his parents, Benjamin and Weltha Ann Smith April 27, 1883 in Sumner County, Kansas. It was the South West Quarter (S.W. 1/4) of Section No. Two (2) in Township N; Thirty-four (34) South and in Range N. Three (3) West. The purchase price was one thousand dollars. This same land was homesteaded by his brother, Truman April 21, 1879 for two hundred dollars. Joseph and his family were in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma arriving there in May, 1890. Joseph died in an automobile accident near Caldwell, Kansas on Mother's Day, 1935 at age 72.
M Child 14: Louis Aro Smith died at age: 64
Born: 29-Jun-1865 in Iowa (20,5)
Died: 18 Jun 1930 in Dallas, Texas 4,29 Height: 5'5" Broad shoulders, very dark hair and eyes 30
Spouse: Elizabeth Evelyn Osborn b. CIR 1870
Married: 1887-88 in
Spouse: Mary A. (Bilyeu) Snail d. Feb, 1911

Louis, his wife, Elizabeth Evelyn Osborn and a child named Henry R. got to Kingfisher County, Oklahoma in approximately May 1889. A letter from JoAnn Smith, 14 January, 1992 says that Alice Lillian Smith Thompson said that Louis Aro had 4 children by #1 wife 2 boys and 2 girls - one of the boys dying young

According to Smith Family Researcher, Alan Bunner, in 1900 Louis was living with his brother, Joseph Grant Smith in Bluff Township, Sumner Co., Kansas, listed as married for 12 years, but with no wife or children with him. Alan Bunner also says the name of the second wife was Mary A. Freeman. We have not resolved the name yet.

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