Corbin Grades 5-8 1938

Picture names corrected by Faeth Nadine Williams, November 25, 2007.

Front Row: Faeth Nadine Williams, Robert Lee Whaley, Erma Dora Mossman, John Builta, Jr.
Middle Row: Atha Franks, Gail Lupton, Glen Nelson, Alvin Lee Williams, Wendelyn Fae Williams, Claudine Lupton, Mrs. Olive Lupton, Teacher
Back Row: Annabell Builta, Phyllis Nelson, Marcus Hoppes, Eugene Cox, <unknown 2>, Cecil Stonehocker

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Faeth Nadine WilliamsRobert Lee WhaleyErma Dora  MossmanJohn Builta, Jr.Atha FranksGail LuptonGlen NelsonAlvin Lee WilliamsWendelyn Fae WilliamsClaudine LuptonMrs. Olive LuptonAnnabell BuiltaPhyllis NelsonMarcus HoppesEugene Coxunknown 2Cecil Stonehocker