Corbin Grades 1-4 1938

According to Faeth Nadine Williams, the two Williams girls in Row 2 below are switched with Joyce on the left and Rosalee on the right.
Those names have been corrected in the mouseover feature that reveals the names. The caption has not been changed because the caption
was part of the photo and cannot easily be edited.

Pause the mouse over a face to reveal the name.

Robert Lee WhaleyBonnie WilliamsJulia HoppesLincoln BuiltaDean KennardJulia Ann BlackJoyce LaVerne WilliamsGordon NelsonJohn Builta, Jr.Rosalee WilliamsJoyce WilliamsJohn Builta, Jr.Marlene GatleyLincoln BuiltaJulia HoppesJulia Ann BlackRosalee WilliamsErma CranmerRosalee GatleyFaith Nadine WilliamsGordon NelsonGail LuptonBonnie Belle Williams