Corbin School - ca 1930

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Photo shows students of Corbin School from about 1930.
The photo belonged to Viola Cadwalader, one of the students pictured.

Front row (left to right): Elroy Davidson, Chester Cox, James Berka, Marion Howe, Fern Cox, Cecil Stonehocker, and Charley Stonehocker.
Those kneeling: Joe Griniger, Junior Griniger, and Melvin Bowman
Next row: Wanda Cox, Betty Rowan, Leona Richard, Ruth Cox, Rose Bowman, Velma Rickard, Demis Whitten, and Evadean Stonehocker.
Back row: Aletha Rowan, Viola Cadwalader, Erma Popp, Wilma Hess, and Miss Neva Lacey.

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Elroy DavidsonChester CoxJames BerkaMarion HoweFern CoxCecil StonehockerCharley StonehockerJoe GrinigerJunior GrinigerMelvin BowmanWanda CoxBetty RowanLeona RichardViola CadwaladerErma PoppWilma HessMiss Neva LaceyRuth CoxRose BowmanVelma RickardDemis WhittenEvadean StonehockerAlthea Rowan

School History

           In September 1929, eight little bright eyed children tripped eagerly to school for the first time.  They were anxious to begin their quest for knowledge.  They were Violet Greninger, Rose Bowman, Chester Cox, Charles Stonehocker, Cecil Stonehocker, Velma Rickard, Albert Butzach and Ruth Cox. 

          The young students were welcomed by Miss Neva Lacey, who started them on their path of learning.  At the end of six weeks, one of the group, Albert Butzbach moved away, leaving only seven to complete the first grade.

           The next year five of these children, Violet, Chester, Ruth, Velma and Charles entered the second grade, Rose Bowman having moved away.  The number was increased to six by the addition of Evadean Stonehocker.  The group had a new teacher this year, Miss Ina Rymph.  Five of this number were promoted to the third grade, one member, Violet Greninger, was forced o remain behind in the second grade.  Again they had a new teacher, Mrs. A.C.Whealy.  The class was very sorry to lose Velma Rickard at the end of the first month, but Leila May Williams came to take her place.

           No change took place in the fourth grade, either as to teacher or pupils.  How proud were Charles, Leila may, Chester and Ruth when they were promoted from the primary room into the fifth grade.  They had passed their first big milestone.  This year Mr. Whaley was their instructor.

           The number was increased from four to seven in the sixth grade.  Three new boys, Carl and Richard Segraves and James (Jimmie) Mossman were a welcome addition to the class.  Mrs. Glenna Stocking came this year to further guide and direct the group in their upward climb. Step by step they traveled forward and in 1935, Miss Dorothy Stayton had the same group in the seventh grade.

           What a change had taken place in the group who entered school in September 1936 from the small children who started in 1929.  They had grown in size until they were almost young men and women and looked back with many fond memories at the years which had quickly flown by.  Mrs. Olive Lupton, came to help guide them through perhaps, their hardest year of all.  One new member, Vernon Janzen, was added to the list.  But at the end of about the 5th month another member was lost by Charles Stonehocker’s moving to Wellington, which left Richard, Carl, Leila May, Jimmie, Chester, Vernon and Ruth to graduate in 1937 as one of the best classes ever to be graduated from the Corbin School.

           They had now lost most of their baby ways and baby looks and presented more of an appearance of being about all legs.  They could then look back on the primary room with quite a superior air of “I know it all”.


(This is a handwritten story I have and I do not know who the author is.--A Shoffner)