The following is a segment of some May 2015 email correspondence that may be of interest.

I am Gene Calhoun. I have become involved with Corbin, KS. through work, and I am fascinated by this small community. The story(ies) the history, the people, the fading small towns all across America. I recently demolished both of the grain elevators on the north end of Corbin, KS. and did some small cleanup for the township on some land south of the elevators. I would love to know where the old train depot stood if you can remember?

Thank you letting me know where the old depot stood. I think I found the old rail line on the north side of the paved road north and west of that old wooden elevator I demolished. Both of those old elevators at the north end of town are down and gone now. I still have some small cleanup to do, but the elevators stand no more sadly. The old Wolcott and Lincoln elevator was in very bad shape, the head house was leaning and would sway in the wind.

I also found an old story from the Wellington paper about some people blasting the safe in the depot with dynamite and doing a lot of damage to the old depot. Dated Friday January 31, 1902:

"Safe in the Rock Island Depot at Corbln Wrecked Last Night. The safe in the Rock Island depot at Corbin was blown open and wrecked by safe blowers last night. The robbery occurred between 11 and 13 o'clock and netted the robbers in the neighborhood of $10 aid some jewelry. Many people living in the little town heard the report of the dynamite with which the robbers wrecked the safe, but it was muffled and they deemed it some late huntsman returning from the chase who, in the ezuberanee of his feelings, had discharged his weapons. It was morning when B. S. Bonnell, the agent for the Rock Island at Corbin, went to the depot to open for the day. Then it was learned what havoc had been wrought by the dynamite. The safe was literally blown to pieces. It had separared like paper under the potency of the explosion, and lay scattered around the depot like the fragments of an egg shell. . The building, too, had given away under the powerful pressure of the dynamite and was as full of holes as the 'settler's cabin. The holes ' were large" enough to admit the passage of a man's body, however. In the roof, through which the top of the safe had passed, there was a hole big enough to have driven an ox team through. The piece of safe which went through this hole decended again 1 through it and struck the depot floor, rendering it unsafe for pedestrians. Besides this hole, there were holes in every side of the depot and the doors and windows had been forced out. The money was in the strong box of the safe and was easily accessible after thm safe was opened. Along with it the robbers took Mr. Bonnell's clothing."

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