In March 2006 I was visiting with Francis Kloefkorn in Caldwell and reviewing her photos of Corbin. I glanced at one of her photos, shown here below, and remarked that I already had that one. On closer examination we discovered that it was a different photo taken at the same time. This one shows the face of Carol Rice [far right next to top row], missing in the previous photo. Also, Mike Fincher is missing from the photo below.

On the following picture, pause the mouse pointer over a face to reveal the name.

Orene UtterbackEdna JohnsonVera EckermanRaymond PopeLee NelsonPearl LungrenCarl StilesLois AkersVelma RicePastor BraninePauline BlackRuth (Mrs. Herb) Lungren?Carol Rice?Beverly LungrenKaren DusenburyGary GinnClifford JohnsonRoger LungrenMarilyn LungrenBeverly JohnsonBarbara SchlottogKay UtterbackDickie CrumblissKaren SloanLaRue WattsGloria EckermannBillie UtterbackRoger WhittenJerome NiebaumWayne JohnsonDavid GinnCarolyn WilsonMarilyn WilsonCarolyn GinnMickey Eckerman<unknown 3 >Alta BozarthCarla Utterback<unknown 4 >Amos BozarthKaren Wirtz<unknown 6 >Malcolm Rohrer?Janet Fincher<unknown 8 ><unknown 9 >Kenton Wirtz?Marilyn Eckermann?Mike FincherErwin Evans<unknown 13 >Elaine Evans?<unknown 14>

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