Corbin United Methodist Church - 1956

Line drawing of Corbin Methodist Church scanned from a commemorative plate made in 1956

The back of the plate has the following historical information about the Church:
    "Construction on this Church Edifice was started in 1917 during the pastorate of Rev. G. E. Heitmeyer. It was dedicated on May 11, 1920. Rev. S. L. Kiser preached the dedicatory sermon and the Rev. R. A. Pottar was the resiting Minister. The building committee was Mr. G. Shackloe, Mr. W. Smith and Mr. W. P. Whitmore.
     Present Membership -- Church, 156. Sunday School -- 141. W.S.C.S. -- 47.
Present Minister, Rev. W. J. Thomas.
 November 1, 1956"

Rev. W. J. Thomas conducted funeral services for the Grandmother of LaRue Watts and Jerome Niebaum, Susan Smith, when she died in 1956.

Rev. Jack Thomas was an interesting character. He walked with a limp and I'm not sure anyone knew how he had been injured. He was from Wales, England and spoke with a Welsh accent. He had been a coal miner in Wales and also an amateur boxer. In the small Corbin parsonage he set up a small printing press and typeset the bulletins for Church each Sunday. One year he bought a new lime green car, a Chevy or Pontiac as I recall. On the road to Caldwell he hit some loose gravel, lost control, and ended in the ditch upside down. He was not injured and the only damage to the car was a relatively small dent in the roof where it had come to rest.