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  Photos (REV. 9/29/09)

This section is dedicated to Gloria and Don White, who for decades have tirelessly collected and preserved photographs and other historical items about Caldwell. In the fall of 2008 they generously donated their collection to the Caldwell Historical Society. Thanks, Gloria and Don, for the rich treasure you have given to the Caldwell community.


Introduction by Jerome Niebaum

In late fall 2008 I was given the honor and privilege of computer scanning the extensive White collection of photographs of Caldwell, Kansas and surrounding communities. My purpose in doing so was to preserve the collection in electronic form to help make these valuable images more broadly available to the public. For multiple reasons I have not scanned the entire collection. Some of the photos are copies from originals from the Kansas Historical Society (KSHS), which restricts their use in publication. For those KSHS photos that appear on this site, written permission has been given by the Society for their use here. Some of the photos appear to be copies of copies and the quality isn't quite as good as scans of the originals, but we're grateful to have the images. Where the photos are on post cards, in general both faces of the card have been scanned and included here. In some cases the original photos have faded with time. On this site those photos have been digitally enhanced for better viewing. The photos vary greatly in size, but on this site all of them have been re-sized to a single size. The photos were scanned as color images at 300 dots per inch. They have been preserved in Photoshop format (PSD) and as JPEG images for presentation on this Web site.

I personally knew some of the folks in these photographs and remember the businesses well. The scanning project took longer than it might have because I found details of interest in nearly every photo. My hope is that viewers will enjoy them as much as I do.

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