Photos - How to use this section.

Your satisfaction in using this site will be greater if you follow these instructions. (Trust me on this.)

The upper left portion of your web browser looks something like this:


Select the View option in the menu line and a pop down menu will appear like this:


Select the Full Screen option so that the photographs can use the full size of your screen.

You can return to the regular screen with tool bars by moving your pointer to the upper right corner of your screen.
A temporary tool bar will again appear. Select the Restore option as shown here between _ and X..

           But for now, leave your browser in Full Screen.

Historical photos will be presented to you 4 per page and they look like this.

Note that each photo has title information under it. The Back button (lower left) will move back to the previous album page.
The Next button (lower right) will move to the next album page. If either button is missing, you cannot move further in that direction.
The PHOTOS button takes you to the photo home page. The Home button returns you to the web home page.

If you click on any of the 4 photos a larger image will appear over top of the 4 preview photos. For example click the upper left photo to get:

Note the CLOSE X button in the lower right corner, which removes the large photo to reveal the 4 preview photos again.

If you move the mouse pointer over the right side of the large photo, a NEXT button appears like this:

           This button enables you to easily move to the next large photo in the group of 4.

For photos 2, 3, and 4 the PREV button appears when you move the mouse pointer over the left side of the large photo.
The PREV and NEXT (anywhere on left side or right side) enables you to move between the 4 large images.


OK. Time to try it yourself now. Click the PHOTOS button below. Enjoy the Album.