Caldwell, Kansas

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This site is a volunteer project by Jerome Niebaum, born in Caldwell, educated in Caldwell, married in Caldwell.
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Many who know me still refer to me as "the kid from Corbin." My family connections to Caldwell are equally strong. I was born in 1939 in the Caldwell General Hospital, formerly the Southwestern Hotel. About 14 months later my future wife, Judy Johnson Niebaum, was born in the same hospital and delivered by the same Doctor MacDonald. I was baptized in the old Presbyterian Church on Osage and my family lived directly across the street from the church in a house that no longer exists. My grandfather, Louis Niebaum, helped build that old church. For many years my dad, Herman Niebaum, was an auto mechanic for Rains Motor Co. My wife and I were married in the Caldwell Methodist Church and both graduated from Caldwell High School. In 2007 and again in 2008 we returned to Caldwell for our 50th homecoming reunions. My only sibling, Joann Niebaum Nulik, was Vice President of the Stock Exchange Bank prior to her retirement. She is a life long resident of Caldwell and a CHS graduate. My three Niebaum aunts, Sparky, Leona, and Myrtle, operated the Cozy Dine Cafe for many years. One of my favorite dishes there was their beef brown gravy. As an adult I asked one of my aunts the secret of their great gravy. She said that the secrets were to brown the flour-butter mix until it was dark brown, but not scorched. They also added a little coffee to give it a dark rich taste. Before it burned in 1970 the Leland Hotel owners sold some of the original furniture to antique dealers. We had the good fortune to buy an original oak bed and chest of drawers from the Leland, which are now in our guest bedroom.

A large part of the photo collection herein is from the excellent collection of Gloria and Don White, which they donated to the Caldwell Historical Society in 2008.

I hope you enjoy re-living Caldwell's historic past by exploring the visual content of this Web site.

Jerome "Jerry" Niebaum, November 2008

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