April 27, 2002

Orville K & Elda Penner
2309 Berry St.
North Newton, KS 67117-8044

Dear Jerome and Judy,

Thank you for your recent letter – it’s always good to hear from former students. We have fond memories of our years at Caldwell. Recently Gweneth Reeder West and her husband stopped in to see us. She had stories and pictures of reunions of CHS class of 1949. The names were familiar, but appearances have changed.

After teaching 12 years in Caldwell, we moved to Ellinwood, KS, where I taught in the Junior High School. In 1963 we moved to Greeley, CO, where I started work toward my doctorate while my wife went back to teaching. I got my Ed.D. from the University of Northern Colorado. From there we moved to North Newton, KS where I taught in the Teacher Education Dept. at Bethel College until I retired in 1982. Elda taught in the Newton school system.

We have 3 children. Richard lives in San Diego and works for the Post Office. Jeanette works for a computer company (Computer Associates) in Pittsburgh, PA. Sara is a nurse practitioner for a cardiologist in Wichita. We have 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. The granddaughter got her doctorate in physics from the university in Berkeley and is teaching at Harvey Mudd College in Pasadena. Chris Penner is a computer technician. Marty is a teacher. Andy is finishing at Berkeley, and James Stroud is an architect. They all live in California. We also have 2 great grandchildren. They all come to see us since we don’t travel because of health problems.

But we used to travel and had one five-week trip to Europe. But we do well to go to Wichita now.

Elda and I still live in our own home for which we are grateful. We’d be glad to see any of you if you could stop in –


Orville Penner

p.s. I wrote or rather copied Orville’s draft of the letter. His writing isn’t as good as it used to be --- and neither is mine.

Elda Penner