January 30, 2002

Dear CHS Classmates Ė

As most of you know, Judy Johnson (CHS í58) and I started dating in February, 1956 and married on June 11, 1961. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in Oxford, England last June.

Our son, Richard, is married to Laurie Weber and they live in Mission Viejo, California. Their son, Avi Zephyra Niebaum, was born on August 23, 1999. He is an exceedingly cute and bright 2 year-old. Richard is a computer programmer for Digital River. Our daughter, Jerri, is married to Matt Clark. With their marriage we inherited a Granddaughter, Michelle, who is now 16. Calvin Jay Clark was born on November 28, 1995. He started kindergarten last fall. He loves computer games and a favorite new activity is mental math (doing arithmetic in his head). The Clarks live in Vancouver, Washington, a suburb of Portland, Oregon.

After 25 years of teaching Judy retired from teaching at Eudora West Elementary about two years ago. She loves retirement and keeps busy by reading and volunteer childcare work at Small World, an organization to help international student wives.

For the past 20 years Iíve worked in computing and networking at the University of Kansas, where Iím currently an Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services. Since last summer Iíve been on special assignment to the Kansas Board of Regents as Planning Coordinator for KAN-ED, a new statewide network for schools, libraries, and hospitals. Iíve started phased retirement and work only 10 months a year.

More stuff about us is available at our Web site: http://www.sunflower.com/~jniebaum

Looking forward to visiting with you at future homecomings, especially 2007!

Jerome Niebaum